Our menu

Breakfast all day

Come any time of the day and order any of our breakfast items. All of them are adaptable and you can choose from a large selection of add-ons to personalise your dish!

Bacon & Egg roll

Fried eggs and crispy bacon in soft buns. Choose your sauce!


Chorizo wrap

Fried egg, chorizo, slaw, cheese and mayo


Breakfast bowl

Scrambled eggs, chorizo, mushrooms, fried potatoes & homemade tomato chutney


Smashed Avo

With feta & cherry tomatoes on sourdough


Breakfast wrap

Bacon, fried egg, spinach and homemade tomato chutney


Eggs on toast

Eggs your way on sourdough.


Add-ons: Avo $4, bacon $5, Grilled chicken $5, Chips $4,
fried potatoes $4, sourdough $3.50

Download our Food Menu here


We offer three different sizes of coffee and have a large selection of milks including soy, almond, lactose-free, full-cream and skim milk.

Small coffee

Feeling good!


Medium coffee

I need to wake up…


Large coffee

Don’t talk to me before my first sip.


Milkshakes and juices

Homemade milkshakes and juices, ask us to do it the way you like. You can choose between all sorts of milk for the shakes.

Classic shakes

Vanilla, chocolate, caramel, banana or strawberry.


Orange Juice

Freshly squeezed.



Come and taste our fine plates, made with love by our experienced and friendly staff.

Chicken Schnitzel roll

With tomato, lettuce & mayo


Beef Burger

Smashed patty beef burger with cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and secret sauce


Mushroom Burger (Vegetarian)

Lettuce, tomato, cheese and secret sauce


Linguine Carbonara

bacon, cream & parmesan cheese


Chili prawn linguine

Cherry tomatoes, fresh chili and grilled prawns


Download our Drink Menu here


By the glass or by the bottle, ask us which one would pair best with your food!

By the glass

Shy pig Chardonnay

Shy pig Sav Blanc

Shy pig sparkling

Shy pig Cab Shiraz Merlot

$5.00 per glass

By the bottle

Wild vines Chardonnay

Wild vines Shiraz

$25.00 per bottle

Beers & Spirits

Choose between our house spirits or the “top of shelf” spirits.

House spirits

Vodka, Bourbon, Rum, Tequila or Gin


Top shelf Spirits

Absolut vodka, Gentleman Jack, Chivas Regal, Kraken Rum, Kaluah or Baileys



Stella, Heineken, Peroni or Corona


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At Cafe 424 you only get premium quality in every aspect of service, food, drinks and people.