Who are we?

We encourage learning and growing

Our staff members, mostly composed of international students, are talented and passionate. We encourage them to always try to do better to try and reach perfection! We only expect them to try their best.

Cafe 424 was created by Brad Bennett, CEO of Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute to offer simple, affordable and quality food to the community. Brad is also offering the food made by the students of le Culinaire at reduced prices in order to limit waste from the school. Cafe 424 is a place to learn, share and spend a good moment in all simplicity.

The school behind the cafe

Interested to know more about Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute? Go check it out!

Check our menu

We offer a great selection of snacks to help you go through the day (or week). Come and try them.

Get in touch

You have a request or want to get in contact with us? Please do. We’d love to hear from you!

Our customers

love us

“Ordered a $5 breakky wrap that i would of happily paid $10-$15 for.
Very friendly staff and owner. Execlent service!”


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At Café 424 you don’t only order a drink or some food,

you encourage people to learn and become awesome at what they do!